Pues, este es mi rincón de sueños, deseos, cosas que me pasan, pensamientos y quejas sobre mi vida. El aire que respiro es un problema. El dramatismo no es lo mío...creo☼.


Maybe I'll kill you...and send you AWAY :)


Phrase: Did u make any sense, Did I make any sense? ^^
Music: Lips of an Angel by Hinder
Status: That guy on towell is fucking HOT!
Looking at: My couple of tea :)

My time of crazyness.
You should be asking why I'm writting on English...
Mmm...and I don't know why I'm doing this...
But I like It.
Just saw The Vampire Diaries. 
Sooo sad. The fucking bitch of Katherine wasn't on that tumb.
She's a fucking Biiiitch!
Hate her, she makes cry my little swettie boy, Damon.
But still heart Tom.
But....Ian is waaay hotter than Paul Wesley.
Can't wait till March 25!
I'm gonna die :(
Need more eps from this show.
Damn it!
PD: You SEE that PICTURE?!
He's fucking HOT!

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